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After you select your
package and clicked DOWNLOAD

We will send you a confirmation
email containing a link to
your earworms download

If your voucher is valid for 2 downloads & you only received 1 voucher code, claim your 2nd download simply by adding *2 to the end of your code.

eg: Voucher code:123456789
Use: 123456789 for your 1st download
Then: 123456789*2 for your 2nd
Download to your Mac or PC first then transfer to your Mp3 Player, iPhone, iPad, Android device.

If you don't receive your
confirmation email instantly please
check your spam/junk folder first
contacting us.

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Downloading directly to your iDevice (iPad / iPod Touch / iPhone and other smartphones

The earworms files are sent to you as an archive file ( .zip).

While its possible to download these files directly to your iDevice, you will face problems opening the archive file without third party software, you will also have issues adding them to your mobile devices music library

As such, we recommend you download your files to a desktop / laptop PC and use iTunes ( WinAmp for Android) to add them to your Music Library, Sync your device in the normal way. If you don't own such a machine, we recommend you ask a friend to help you out