Earworms method

The Earworms Method 

The Earworms method is a unique, enjoyable and effective way to pick up any language. 
Unbelievable though it may seem, you could be using your newfound knowledge within hours!

√ Rapid Progress

It's so easy! Just listen as if you're listening to music on the radio. The music and vocabulary sneaks into your memory like a catchy tune or jingle.

You'll be surprised how quickly it works!

√ Perfect Pronunciation

Carefully selected relevant, content rich, everyday language is repeated rhythmically by native speakers. Correct pronunciation is acquired automatically.

Natives will praise your accent!

√ Listen and Learn Anytime

..or anywhere! While doing the dishes, jogging or even while travelling. You don't have to stare at a screen for hours or race against a time limited subscription!

Downloads for life!


Brain based

You know the 'earworm' effect, catchy music and lyrics that you can't get out of your head?

Using the phenomenal power of music, the Earworms Method plants the words of a foreign language into the auditory cortex of your brain - ready for instant recall!

Music is the key!

Using music as the medium is not only fun and entertaining, it is also highly effective.

Firstly, music primes the neural networks and puts the learner into the optimum state of consciousness for learning, the so-called Alpha state; relaxed but at the same time receptive.

Secondly, music engages and stimulates both right and left hemispheres of the brain, unleashing more learning potential. Music also allows for repetition without monotony.

All these features together lead to a much higher rate of retention than with traditional learning methods.


Instead of seeing a language in terms of individual words and grammar, the Earworms approach immerses the learner in real-life dialogues and expressions.

These are then broken down into smaller bite-size chunks, practiced rhythmically with music and then reconstructed into full sentences.

The Earworms App

The Earworms App now features a karaoke-like synchronised text function, which gives an extra bit of visual input to re-inforce the audio learning effect. On top of that, it includes a downloadable PDF transcript of the course.

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Listen & learn anytime
Listen & learn anywhere