18th September 2021

Thank you for your patience, it's good news! The update has been published.

Please update your Earworms App to version 1.0.88 by visiting the Play Store.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact us stating your devices make/model and the Android version you're running. 

16th September 2021

Thank you to customers that reported this issue with later patches on Android 11. Our developer has fixed the bug. The update will be available very soon.

We've also taken the opportunity to add our course booklets to the app. Once you've updated, the booklet download button will appear after the final track you course. 

Thank you! We are continually creating new Earworms courses. Eventually we'd like to do earworms courses for all languages and to help us to prioritise we need your feedback. So please write us a review, let us know your language priorities and drop us 5 stars!


  • Open the App or Play Store
  • Search ‘Earworms’
  • Tap the screenshots
  • Tap the Ratings & Reviews and rate/review us, please!

If you want to restore your Earworms courses to a new or additional device simply click ‘Restore previous purchases' on page 2 of the App.

All App purchases & promotional codes redeemed from 2019 will be restored as long as you are on the same platform and have the same user ID.

N.B. the older App format (pre 2019) is no longer supported. If you have his version, please contact our support desk (Tap Menu > Support > Contact Us) we will provide a complimentary code to redeem in the App or Play stores.

Mp3 files purchased from the Earworms Store are like music files and are separate from the Earworms App.

If you prefer the App format, please contact our support desk for a complimentary App code.

For technical and legal reasons audio books purchased from 3rd parties cannot be restored automatically in the app. However, if you can provide the receipt or evidence of purchase and the purchase was paid and not part of a refundable subscription, we shall provide you with a code to redeem the course in the App or Play Stores.

Complimentary codes are redeemed in the App / Play Store, not in the Earworms app itself.

App Store instructions


  • ‘Copy’ the code in the email from Earworms Support
  • Open the App Store App
  • Tap ‘My account’ icon (top right blue head/body icon)
  • Tap ‘Redeem Gift Card or Code’
  • ‘Paste’ your code over the text ‘You can also enter your code manually’
  • Open the Earworms App, tap ‘Restore previous purchases’ (orange button, bottom of many pages)
  • Your course will appear in ‘My Earworms Courses’
  • If your code is for a bundle product or you redeem more than 1 code & not all courses appear straight away, try tapping ‘Restore previous purchases’ again

If you ever delete the app and later re-install, tap  ‘Restore previous purchases’ to restore all your courses. Likewise if you have another Apple device with the same Apple ID, tap this button to restore purchases.

Play Store instructions 


  • ‘Copy’ the code in the email from Earworms Support
  • Open the Play Store App
  • Tap open the Profile (top right, or left)
  • Tap ‘Payments & Subscriptions’ > Redeem Gift Code
  • ‘Paste’ in your code 
  • Open the Earworms App, tap ‘Restore previous purchases’ (orange button, bottom of many pages)
  • Your course will appear in ‘My Earworms Courses'
  • If your code is for a bundle product or you redeem more than 1 code & not all courses appear straight away, try tapping ‘Restore previous purchases’ again

If you ever delete the app and later re-install, tap  ‘Restore previous purchases’ to restore all your courses.  Likewise if you have another Android device with the same Play Store ID, tap this button to restore purchases.

Occasionally this glitch happens with newly published courses or where a bundled course for say levels 1 and 2 together has been withdrawn to make way for a trio bundle levels 1-3.  It is easily remedied if you contact us.


  • Go to Menu > Support > use the contact form and let us know the language and level(s) you are experiencing problems with

With so many different devices, makes, models, and ever-changing iOS and Android versions there is a small chance that a technical glitch can get through - it happens even to the best App developers. And we do understand how annoying this is.


However we would like to ask you to give us the opportunity to fix the problem before writing a bad review. It could be something simple like the App has been updated and you’re running an old version. 


Before contacting us, check to see if an update is available: 

  • Open the App Store or Play Store App
  • Search ‘Earworms’
  • Tap ‘Update’ if you see it


If you see ‘Open’ you have the latest version. Please return to the Earworms App and contact us via Menu > Support. Rest assured if we can’t help you immediately, we will report the issue to our developer, and they will produce a fix ASAP.


If you are the first to report a bug, we will even reward you with a complementary code for a new course. We are committed to regularly updating our App and we are only an email away.

Assuming your device has enough space, you probably need to enable storage permissions for the Earworms App.

How do I enable storage permissions in system settings?

  • On your Android device, go to 'settings'
  • Tap Apps and again Apps 
  • Scroll down to the Earworms app and tap 'Permissions'
  • Slide the 'Storage' slider to the on position

If the Earworms App stops playing the issue is most likely a setting or preference on your device. Perhaps your device is set to prevent apps playing in the background, or perhaps you have a battery optimisation setting that conserves energy by putting apps to sleep after say 10 minutes.

Try searching the Internet 

  • How to allow Android or iOS apps to run in the background?
  • How to turn off battery optimisation on a smart phone?

Earworms App

All languages, all bundles (In-app purchase).
FREE SAMPLES incl. Try before you buy! Karaoke-like live text feature.

Learn on the go or on your sofa! ...


Languages available :

  • Arabic, Brazilian (Portuguese), CantoneseDutch
  • French, German, Greek, Italian
  • Japanese, Maltese, Mandarin, Polish
  • Portuguese, Spanish Eu, Spanish LA,
  • Russian, Turkish
Screenshots   App Store :  Play Store

Aprendo en español, con español como lengua inicial
Ich lerne auf Deutsch, mit deutscher Beschreibung
J'apprends en français, avec les explications en français

Darlene Hull 07/10/2021

These programs are great. They just run in the background of your life, and you can't help but learn. Also, the support team is magnificent. Before this app was created I had purchased some on iTunes, and some on Audible. They helped me get my purchases all on this app. Quick, friendly service.

Russel Lane 02/10/2021

Exactly what I was looking for. The use of rhythm and musical patterns helps me remember. Plus hearing the words spoken clearly and used in different ways is making it easy to recall and trust myself to use them in real life. Plus, the support team is great. The printed word part of the App that goes with the audio stopped when Android pushed an update, They engaged well when I reported the issue, kept me informed even when there were unexpected delays (like being locked out of the office by Covid :-D ). The problem is now fixed and I am moving full steam ahead.. P.S. Hi Team is there any change of a 4th volume for German any time soon ? (can I pre order it so that it gets to me ASAP ?)

Developer response
4 Oct 2021, 11:54

Thank you for your review & your patience while our developer fixed the issue. We took the opportunity to add our course transcripts to the App too, we are committed to maintaining & improving it. We're delighted you've found language learning success, we work to customer demand & by mentioning German v 4 you have made it rise up the list! Danke:)

America's Critic 01/10/2021

Edited Oct 1, 2021
This app was helpful in tuning my ear to the language I was learning. I have used other apps that complement this product, but Earworms gave me a big boost in learning. I only wish they would add more content. I have learned the three levels of French, and can “hear” them playing in my ear now. Please add more levels of French! Merci

Developer Response - Oct 1, 2021
Response to an earlier review
Thank you for your 5* rating and review. Especially given your nick name :-) We're delighted our musical memorisation language learning method gave you a boost where other apps failed and we really appreciate you telling everyone. It's impossible to know the language you are learning otherwise we might be able to comment on when more content will be available. If you choose to re-review in the future mention the language and level you'd like next as we work to demand from App customers. Have a great day and feel free to drop us a line at earworms@zohosupport.com at any time. Thanks again. The Earworms team

Crcm13 16/09/2021

Facile Sep 16, 2021
Easy to learn. Good music and excellent for a refresher before travel. I use Spanish & French. Enjoyed them both.

Developer Response - Sep 30, 2021
Thank you for your excellent rating and review. We're delighted to hear you're a fan and loving both Spanish and French language learning courses. The courses are designed for any level; beginners, intermediate and more advanced students wishing to perfect accent and intonation. Since you've written your review we've published an update, so if you haven't as yet updated visit the App Store to do so. Amongst other improvements, our phrasebooks are now available to download from within the Earworms App and our FAQ are available in the Menu. Thanks again for your lovely review, we really appreciate it. All the best, The Earworms Team.

Linda 06/09/2021

I'm learning Italian using this app and it's by far the best app or book or anything I've found so far. The combination of music, pleasant voices, useful phrases and repetition makes me want to play it over and over so that the phrases really sink in. Their customer service is brilliant too - I had to contact them to get the pdf phrasebook although these should be automatically provided soon as they are updating the app.

Developer Response
8 Sept 2021, 10:36

Grazie mille! It's true, all our language teachers are auditioned for their voice & rhythm. The music aids recall & together with useful phrases, the learner is speaking Italian ... Spanish, French, or Japanese within hours! Our customer service team suggested the update actually, they're real people & always happy to help. Ciao ciao for now!

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