Coupons and vouchers

If your code has been issued by one of our partners, click here to redeem on their landing page.

Carefully copy & paste your code in the 'Enter your coupon here' box.

Click 'Apply Coupon' to receive your discount.

If your coupon/voucher is in date and you're applying it against a valid product perhaps you have copied and pasted the code incorrectly.

A common error is an inadvertent space at the beginning or end of a code. It's very easily done! eg.

|123456789 | look, there’s a space after 9
| 123456789| see, there’s a space before 1
|123456789|  is correct

Remove any space and try again.

You might also receive this message if you have applied the code on a failed or abandoned order and your browser remembers it.

In this case try clearing browser cookies.

Finally, perhaps you have already used the code and you're unaware your order completed?

Simply check your orders in 'My account'.

If none of the above helps, feel free to 'contact us' so we can check your code is valid.

  • Check your spam, junk and deleted folders
  • If you have more than one email address, check all of your email accounts
  • Search your email client for messages sent by earwormslearning.com
  • If above fails, login to 'My Account' here you can print your order confirmation and navigate to 'Downloads'

If you're still struggling and can't login, perhaps there was a typo in the email address you originally provided.

Contact us to reset your email address and help you further.

Your voucher validity period (expiry date) is printed on your voucher.
We not have access to your personal voucher details. To recover your coupon, voucher or code, refer to the site you purchased from.

Tip: Many companies allow you to login to your account and view, print or re-print a copy of the voucher that was emailed to you.
Refunds can only be administered by the website that you bought your voucher from. Please refer to their 'Terms and Conditions' and submit all such enquiries to them.
If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us with your name, email address, voucher code and a description of the problem.