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Purchase earworms downloads in volume (min x20), with a 50% discount and easily distribute to your students or staff. Students can access and download from a selection of 37 earworms Musical Brain Trainer MP3 titles (with PDF Phrasebooks). Download and listen anytime, anywhere and learn the target language, the easy, effective way - on the GO!

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On receipt of your payment, you will receive a CSV file by email displaying the quantity of (alpha-numerical) codes that you have ordered. Each code represents one complete earworms MBT download from a selection of 17 foreign language options at levels 1, 2 or 3 (with PDF Phrasebook).

Issue single or multiple codes to your Students, Teachers or Staff at any time. There is no time limit on code validity.


“I recently heard your interview with Neil Moore on BFBS, and really liked the idea behind your learning system. It's so true that even without trying, we pick up lyrics to songs much easier than if we were to learn them just by reading. I think I can recite most of the lyrics to Los Lobos' 'La Bamba' even though I can't speak a word of Spanish and have no idea what the lyrics actually mean! I know that frustration of trying to get pupils to learn new vocabulary, while trying to avoid the parrot fashion learning which was so common while I was at school, drumming out the times tables! I'll definitely let my pupils know of your site.” Morag McQuade EFL teacher.

"As someone who has studied languages to degree level and also taught foreign languages in secondary school, it would be fair to say that I am generally sceptical of DIY language teaching CDs - and often with good cause. However, Earworms CDs are an absolutely invaluable learning resource. They will equip you, with minimal effort on your part, with a basic understanding of the language building blocks - which coupled with vocab covering the usual holiday scenarios, such as ordering drinks, food, buying things, counting, etc, will enable you to begin to start to extrapolate from what you have heard on the CD and, with the help of a dictionary, build your own sentences to meet your specific needs. Some grammar is explained - just enough to help with exactly what I've just said above - but not too much to be overwhelming. I would thoroughly recommend these CDs to anyone who is wishing to study the language in greater depth but would like a gentle introduction first. The learning process is stress-free and fun. These CDs are so easy to listen to, as the background tracks are non-intrusive, rhythmical, and really do help to nudge the words and phrases into your memory. Everything is repeated several times, with one presenter speaking English and the other saying the same things in the target language. Everything is delivered in time to the music, which aids recollection later, there is good use of humour now and then, and all phrases are broken down so that you can see exactly how they have been made up. The emphasis is on repetition, so there is no feeling that things are moving too quickly. The idea is that you just relax, rather than straining to follow a fast-moving coaching CD. It really does work - once you have listed to the CD a few times, you will find you are remembering whole phrases." JJ

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