18th September 2021

Thank you for your patience, it's good news! The update has been published.

Please update your Earworms App to version 1.0.88 by visiting the Play Store.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact us stating your devices make/model and the Android version you're running. 

16th September 2021

Thank you to customers that reported this issue with later patches on Android 11. Our developer has fixed the bug. The update will be available very soon.

We've also taken the opportunity to add our course booklets to the app. Once you've updated, the booklet download button will appear after the final track you course. 

Thank you! We are continually creating new Earworms courses. Eventually we'd like to do earworms courses for all languages and to help us to prioritise we need your feedback. So please write us a review, let us know your language priorities and drop us 5 stars!


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  • If your code is for a bundle product or you redeem more than 1 code & not all courses appear straight away, try tapping ‘Restore previous purchases’ again

If you ever delete the app and later re-install, tap  ‘Restore previous purchases’ to restore all your courses.  Likewise if you have another Android device with the same Play Store ID, tap this button to restore purchases.

Occasionally this glitch happens with newly published courses or where a bundled course for say levels 1 and 2 together has been withdrawn to make way for a trio bundle levels 1-3.  It is easily remedied if you contact us.


  • Go to Menu > Support > use the contact form and let us know the language and level(s) you are experiencing problems with

With so many different devices, makes, models, and ever-changing iOS and Android versions there is a small chance that a technical glitch can get through - it happens even to the best App developers. And we do understand how annoying this is.


However we would like to ask you to give us the opportunity to fix the problem before writing a bad review. It could be something simple like the App has been updated and you’re running an old version. 


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If you are the first to report a bug, we will even reward you with a complementary code for a new course. We are committed to regularly updating our App and we are only an email away.

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How do I enable storage permissions in system settings?

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  • Scroll down to the Earworms app and tap 'Permissions'
  • Slide the 'Storage' slider to the on position

If the Earworms App stops playing the issue is most likely a setting or preference on your device. Perhaps your device is set to prevent apps playing in the background, or perhaps you have a battery optimisation setting that conserves energy by putting apps to sleep after say 10 minutes.

Try searching the Internet 

  • How to allow Android or iOS apps to run in the background?
  • How to turn off battery optimisation on a smart phone?

The Method

The term ‘earworms' or ‘catchy tunes' refers to those songs which you hear a few times and then just can't get out of your head. We are putting this phenomenon to a positive educational use.
The earworms programme not only anchors words and phrases into your memory in a very short time, it also fits in with busy lives, thus saving time. You can learn in a traffic jam, on the Underground, while jogging, where and when you want to. You take control.

You can be using your newfound knowledge within hours, unbelievable though it may seem. We recommend that you listen relatively intensively over a two-week period (the learning phase), and then continue periodically to listen in order to refresh your memory.

The method's aim is simple: to enable you to hold a conversation in the target language. Within a few hours of listening to Volume 1 you'll be able to deal with situations like; taking a taxi, at the hotel, at the restaurant, requesting, polite phrases, finding your way, numbers, dealing with problems and so on.

Volume 2 will have you talking about yourself (past, present, and future), chatting, and even flirting! Volume 3 continues with more useful everyday situations while going more into the structure, the grammatical rules of the language.

Rapid Vol. 1, 2 & 3 are for all ages, although truthfully the subject matter appeals more to adults.

There is no such thing as "no talent for languages". Speaking a language is a natural human ability. It is also natural that the brain is hungry to learn. The art of language teaching and learning is supplying the material in an easily digestible, brain-friendly package. Forget what your teachers said, they were wrong! After seeing how easy learning a language can be with earworms, hopefully you will be motivated and continue with this most rewarding activity.
No, don't concentrate too hard... in fact try not to remember, just relax and enjoy it as if you are listening to the radio.
Of course, reading and writing are important. Included with all formats is a supporting booklet, a transcript of the course. It is provided as a PDF with the MP3 download product and App version. Although it is not essential, we recommend that you do also familiarise yourself with the written words.
The booklet includes the English and target language and the phonetics for each word or phrase along with other information to support your progress.
This course is ideal for dyslexics and people who just don't like book learning, also for blind people. In this case your aural sense of perception and memory will probably be heightened. For others, the booklet is a great support.
The Earworms Method draws on the latest research into accelerated learning and memory enhancement and takes advantage of the scientifically proven capacity of the mind to memorise words far better in melodic patterns. Our own trials point to the phenomena being even more powerful than we had anticipated. With earworms, students usually get over 90% in difficult vocabulary tests, compared to less than 50% with conventional book learning.
Yes. The Earworms Method follows closely the Common European Framework of Reference  (CEFR)  on Language Learning levels A1 to B1.
With the appeal of the earworms songs we hope that it is not a question of “having to” but rather a question of “wanting to”. But seriously: the memory is like a muscle, it needs to be trained and exercised. The ideal is listening relatively intensively at the beginning (the learning phase), thereafter listening periodically to review what you have learnt and refresh your memory.

In practical terms this means listening to the whole album the first day, in order to ‘tune your ear in' to the sounds of the target language. Then listen regularly, several times, over a period of one or two weeks, making sure that you listen to every track equally as many times.

After this, go through the booklet and test your knowledge, picking out any gaps that you may wish to concentrate on.

Lastly, the review phase. As we all know, memories fade, so it is important to refresh your memory by using the course at your leisure, say, once a week for the following few weeks. Thereafter, monthly. This review phase is crucial as it consolidates your knowledge and transfers it into your long-term memory. Although this demands self-discipline, it is of course without effort, as you are only listening to music. The result is that you will be able to recall the words and phrases with the same ease that you remember your telephone number or a nursery rhyme.
Yes, please visit Educational Discounts for teachers, schools, colleges and universities.
A trip abroad is always good to get your linguistic juices flowing. Use your iDevices’s dictionary and notebook to take down any new and interesting words and phrases you might come across. Also, Internet resources are often very good. The BBC languages web site is very commendable: www.bbc.co.uk/languages

MP3 Downloads

Whichever format you buy, the course content is exactly same. 

MP3 download  - an immediate download direct to your PC/Laptop or Mac. The content thereafter can be manually transferred to any other music player & regardless of the operating system. So you can also transfer an MP3 download to an Apple and/or an Android device, now or in the future. Transferring content to devices is easy, if you know how.  If you are unfamiliar with the process it can be deemed tricky. If you have smart phone or tablet and want to learn from that device, purchase App format.

App an immediate download direct to your mobile or tablet, it's quick & easy. Your purchase can be downloaded to all devices with the same Apple or Google Play user ID. What you can't do, is download an iOS App to an Android device & vice versa.  If you have both operating systems (O/S) or you plan to change O/S in the future, purchase MP3 download format.

 AppMP3 Download
Download DIRECT to mobiles/tabletsx
See target language as it's spokenx
MUST Download first to a PC/Laptop/Macx
Listen from a PC/Laptop/Macx
Transferable to mobiles/tabletsx
Transferable to any O/Sx
Includes phrase booklet

Still struggling to decide? Contact us for further guidance.

Mobiles & tablets cannot open ‘Zip’ files. The downloaded file is zipped i.e. compressed for a faster download speed. 

While it's possible to download these files directly to some iDevices, you will face problems opening the archive file & transferring to your Music Library without a third party App.

Unless you're quite technical, we recommend you first download your files to your MAC or desktop/laptop PC and use iTunes, WinAmp for Android or other software to add them to your Music Library.

Thereafter sync your device in the normal way.

Almost all MACs & most PCs/laptops have ‘unzip’ software already installed & auto open when clicked.

If you're having problems with your Windows PC/laptop, right hand click, select 'Extract' or 'Extract all' or 'Open with' & choose Windows Explorer. These actions create a new regular folder, usually in the same location.

With MACs, right hand click, select Archive Utility to open. Beware, occasionally the new folder will hide underneath the zipped one. If you can't locate your new folder try dragging & dropping the zipped one to reveal it.

The tracks within the new regular folder can then be added to your Music Library.

With so many MP3 players & devices available, it’s impossible for us to provide assistance on all makes & models. Most devices have online support pages so we recommend you search:  'how to transfer music tracks + make and model of your device'

Apple iDevices: 

First ‘add’ your files to your iTunes library:
- Open iTunes on your Mac/PC/Laptop
- Windows users: File > Add files > Browse > Add your earworms tracks
- Mac users: File > Browse > Add your earworms tracks

Then ‘sync’ your library to your device:
- Connect your device to your computerising the USB cable
- Select your device in the left hand column
- Select the ‘Music’ tab from your device’s menu & check the earworms tracks to sync
- Click Sync to transfer the tracks you selected to your device

TIP: Make a new playlist of your earworms content, it’s easier to find & check to Sync & easier to search for tracks once on your device


Android Devices: 

Windows Users: You don’t need to install the Android File Transfer application to connect to a Windows computer. Simply connect your Android device to a computer with a USB cable to transfer music files. 

Mac Users: You can connect your Android device to a computer running Mac OS X with a USB cable, to transfer music files between your device and the computer. 

This connection uses the MTP protocol, which is not supported by Mac OS X natively, so you first need to install the free Android File Transfer application on your Macintosh. 

For more information about connecting to a Macintosh computer via USB, Please visit the Google Mobile Help Center for additional instructions.

Windows Phone:
Your device’s storage card is treated just like a usb drive. So when you connect your device to your computer you can synchronise directories or drag and drop files back and forth.

Using the preloaded music and video player you can catalog your earworms audio files with Windows Media Players' library function; it will search your device for the right files and put them into order using the meta-data. 

Your Mac/PC/Laptop usually downloads to a folder called ‘Downloads’ or ‘My Downloads’, check here first.

You may have changed the default folder to download to, so also try 'Documents' or ‘My Documents’ folder.

If above fails, try a system search for the term ‘earworms’.

If you still can’t find the file, download again by either clicking the link in your order confirmation or by logging in to your account and navigating to 'downloads'. 

Tip: If you’re using Windows, choose the SAVE option.

    Earworms MP3 audio-book downloads are compatible with the following devices:

    All MP3 players including:

    • Apple & Android Smart Phones and tablets
    • BlackBerry
    • Windows Mobile Devices
    • Zune
    • iPod Classic, iPod Nano

    If you're unsure whether your device is covered, contact us.

    Coupons and vouchers

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    Click 'Apply Coupon' to receive your discount.

    If your coupon/voucher is in date and you're applying it against a valid product perhaps you have copied and pasted the code incorrectly.

    A common error is an inadvertent space at the beginning or end of a code. It's very easily done! eg.

    |123456789 | look, there’s a space after 9
    | 123456789| see, there’s a space before 1
    |123456789|  is correct

    Remove any space and try again.

    You might also receive this message if you have applied the code on a failed or abandoned order and your browser remembers it.

    In this case try clearing browser cookies.

    Finally, perhaps you have already used the code and you're unaware your order completed?

    Simply check your orders in 'My account'.

    If none of the above helps, feel free to 'contact us' so we can check your code is valid.

    • Check your spam, junk and deleted folders
    • If you have more than one email address, check all of your email accounts
    • Search your email client for messages sent by earwormslearning.com
    • If above fails, login to 'My Account' here you can print your order confirmation and navigate to 'Downloads'

    If you're still struggling and can't login, perhaps there was a typo in the email address you originally provided.

    Contact us to reset your email address and help you further.

    Your voucher validity period (expiry date) is printed on your voucher.
    We not have access to your personal voucher details. To recover your coupon, voucher or code, refer to the site you purchased from.

    Tip: Many companies allow you to login to your account and view, print or re-print a copy of the voucher that was emailed to you.
    Refunds can only be administered by the website that you bought your voucher from. Please refer to their 'Terms and Conditions' and submit all such enquiries to them.
    If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us with your name, email address, voucher code and a description of the problem.

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