What People Say About Earworms...

Since its inception in 2005 Earworms has brought motivation and success to literally hundreds of thousands of language learners. in general people are very enthusiastic about our musical memory method and regularly urge us to produce courses for other languages, which we are endeavouring to do. 

Needless to say, your feedback and constructive comments would also be much appreciated. 

Marlon Lodge, Creative director.

A new era in Language Learning

This is brilliant! This should be way more famous! I put it on, go to sleep and in the morning it just comes to me! Love it! - Graciexox - iTunes Customer

A brilliant way to learn

I don't have a natural aptitude for language learning and have struggled through a whole range of books, tapes, CDs and classes to try to learn some useful Spanish. I love the Earworms approach. The audio is catchy, fun and relaxed and quite addictive. I just wish that they did a whole language package like this rather than just basic holiday or travel phrases. Looking forward to Vol 3 in this series. Great for anyone like me who struggles or who is easily bored by conventional teaching. Definitely 5 stars. - Sally - Amazon review

I am very impressed

I have recently bought earworms Spanish Vols 1 and 2 and am extremely impressed with the results. I was never very good at languages at school so that has always put me off but I have found these to be a very easy way of learning. I commute for 2 hours a day and after just one week could recite whole sentences. My husband tested me on a weekly basis and after four weeks I was 80% accurate with the translations on the CD. I also had reason to contact earworms and their customer services is amazing. I am very impressed and give earworms 10 out of 10!- Audible Reviewer

By far the better method

Learning Spanish, we have tried various CD's and books and this is by far the better one to learn from. - Jeffrey Matthews - Amazon review

It is just like learning a song that you will always remember!

I really like this CD. Finally someone understands that there people who are left brain learners and right brain learners. I wish that more language CDs were produced that way. This makes learning a language easier and more fun. This makes pronunciation easier to practice because of the repetition and the music. - Amazon Customer

The "teachers" are interesting and not boring

If you're thinking of learning Spanish this is a good place to start before you commit to a more expensive package or lessons. I have used Vol 1 and 2 in conjunction with a dictionary and a grammar book and after 12 months have a good grasp of the basics. The music does help and the "teachers" are interesting and not boring, having normal conversations (I think the bloke fancies the woman!). - Amazon Customer

I was easily speaking all of the language on this disc

The claim of this CD to anchor 200+ words of vocabulary in your head is amazingly accurate. It didn't take much effort or a lot of time before I was easily speaking all of the language on this disc.Ok, it's a bit cheesy but get over it, it works! It's not an Italian course in itself. Perfect for those going on holidays who need basic words and phrases but nothing more. For those beginning to learn Italian, I've found this complements other courses and aids pronunciation. Will most definitely be buying vol.2 - Amazon Customer

Complimented by the Japanese on my excellent pronunciation!

I downloaded this app a month before going to Japan, and found it very helpful on my holiday there. I read the guide alongside the audio carefully a few times, and then allowed myself to listen to the audio guide casually for a few weeks. I didn't really know how well I'd learnt until I arrived in Japan, where no one speaks English and you really have to summon up what you've learnt! We got lost a few times and I managed to ask for directions AND understand the reply so I was very impressed. Also I was able to say every day essential sentences like ordering food, asking where toilets are etc. The app helps you pronounce the sentences very well too, and many people complimented me on my excellent pronunciation! I was really proud that I was able to communicate in a language so different from my own, and understand people to.” - Google Play Customer

Fits your busy lifestyle

Brilliant! should be a famous learning technique  - molar- iTunes Customer

It immediately got me speaking Spanish

I bought the first one via an offer and was very impressed by the way it immediately got me speaking Spanish. The second one follows on really well from the first and I really have the enthusiasm to carry on. I hope they're planning to make a third CD because I will definitely buy it.Amazon Customer

Learn in hours, not weeks or months

I love this programme and find I am remembering words and phrases effortlessly. Brilliant product. Tres bien! - Churchpolly - iTunes Customer

This is awesome!

I love (trying) to learn languages and this seems to be the best way for me. I am somehow able to memorise most lyrics from a song after only hearing it once so the fact it is put into a melody/rhythm format makes it ideal. Thank you!! nomadicjelliefish (iTunes review)

Good introduction to German for complete beginners

I listen to this CD in the car while driving around for work. It's not got a massive amount of content in it, preferring to concentrate more on "burning" the contents "into your long-term memory"... it's pretty fun really. Granted, the basic German on offer here isn't so different to English so even a complete novice like myself can remember the words pretty easily, but I was still amazing at how fast I was repeating back the sentences. I feel thoroughly confident that I can ask for a beer, say I have a problem with the refrigerator and ask for directions to the airport now... even if I wouldn't be able to understand the response! - definitely worth the money :) - Amazon Customer

I would recommend it to others

I lived in China for a year, and so used this product to help me learn Chinese. I found a lot of other methods online too dry, and boring for me, but Earworms worked well. I agree not including the pinyin was a mistake, but I was still pleased that I could easily recall Chinese words very quickly and easily. I think the pronunciation they teach is fine, everyone understood me when I used a new word I had learnt from it. I would recommend it to others, mainly as a first step into the language, to brush up on key language, or if you have a short attention span -Amazon Customer

I have not seen anything as good as this product!

Rapid German Volume 1 is superb. Here I am, one week after first listening to it. And I can instantly recall and say loads of different phrases in German. Not just words on their own. Phrases. Complete sentences. It took me years and a trip to Paris to be able to have such confidence in my French. Yet, here I am, able to speak phrases in German. I have tried other language learning products/software. With those products comes all the anxiety of making sure you remember the phrase, get the pronunciation right and remember the word order. This approach to language learning gets rid of all the anxiety, nerves and frustration normally found within the learning process. I have detailed experience in accelerated learning and still, I have not seen anything as good as this product.Amazon Customer

Can't speak highly enough of them

My Husband has had this great idea of learning Chinese in time for a trip to the 2008 olympics in China. He's starting early as I bought him this Cd for a gift. He loves it and it's even got our 2 and a half year old asking for a coffee in Chinese! An excellent buy, I really recommend this series of CDs. We've also got the German, Italian and French ones. Can't speak highly enough of them. Can't wait for volume two to come out.-  Amazon Customer

The vocabulary seeps in, as promised

Even knowing how to say "hello" and "thank you" makes life more pleasant when travelling abroad - and the locals appreciate it. But is it really possible to learn a language the easy way? I've tried several teach yourself Italian audios and have always ground to a halt because they were too fast or too boring. Earworms gives you the Italian you are likely to need on holiday (with the tiniest hint of shoe fetishism thrown in) The slow pace and frequent repetitions allow you to really HEAR individual words and pronounce them correctly. The vocabulary does seep in, as promised. You suddenly realise that you can hire a car or ask for sticking plasters (which you'll need after buying all those shoes) without quite realising it is happening. It would also be useful for school-kids and students taking Italian as an accent improver. I shall definitely get the second CD when it comes out - Amazon Review

Languages made enjoyable

I bought this because I'm always listening to music and I'm really busy with work. So having this playing while I'm working and learning at the same time you cannot fault it!  - lucybrucie - iTunes customer

The best Language program

I have ever experienced. My mum has never spoken any Spanish before but she couldn't stop speaking to me in Spanish after listening to the whole disk only once through. I would definitely recommend this to anybody, anywhere. I have started this 5 stars but if I could would rate it 10!!!! Jesse Dunnell - Amazon review

Bought to listen in the car

It is one of the best language products I have found. The CD starts out with a man trying to learn French who will say a word in English and a French women who repeats what he says in French. The CD is like listening to a fun conversation. As each new word is introduced it is said several times at different speeds. There is a review at the end of each lesson to test what you have learned. The background music is europop but no worse than the cheesy background music I have heard on other CDs. Unlike other CDs I have listened to I will hear the conversations and phrases running thru my head hours after I have listened to the CD. Melissa - Amazon review

Original and creative way to teach some basic French

The man and woman have a fun, slightly flirtatious chemistry, and the woman's voice is very musical, making it easier to remember the phrases. She pronounces the French phrases a few different ways, which is helpful, and they break the phrases down into individual words and build them back up. The background music gives their interplay a rhythm and makes listening fun instead of it being a chore. As Homer Simpson says, this works on so many different levels. My congratulations to the producers - this was really intelligently done. I bought another language CD at the same time and only listened to it once.  - Amazon review

Makes language learning fun!

I bought this Japanese course to help me pick up a few phrases prior to travelling to Japan, it was great... earworms have come up trumps again, as usual, they first introduce the phrase 'I would like' and then repeat it in Japanese, before breaking it down in to it's component parts. I have bought a number of these foreign language courses from Earworms or Berlitz and have found them very entertaining. Arigato gozamasu Earworms. :) - Amazon review

Earworms was easily my favourite!

With a holiday to Italy coming up, preceded by several long car journeys, I bought three language CDs to listen to in the car: Earworms, Learn in Your Car Complete Language Course and BBC Quickstart and I'd rate them them in that order. They're all easy to listen to in the car, although I think they are actually better suited to short journeys than long ones. Earworms was easily my favourite of the three. You absorb - I don't want to say learn, because it doesn't involve any effort - the phrases as the CD plays. When on holiday, it all came flooding back just like magic - my companion kept exclaiming at how good my Italian was. Yes, the range of phrases is limited and I was scuppered once anyone ventured beyond the obvious holiday areas of buying clothes, ordering in restaurants, getting directions / travelling etc, but within those areas I confidently spoke and not only did people understand me, but I understood what people were saying to me. - Amazon Review

Does what it "says on the box"

Have had experience with Earworms before and was expecting this course to be first-rate. I was not disappointed and after playing the disk through several times, found that it does what it "says on the box", some of the words have stuck and I find I can now speak a few simple sentences. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to have an introduction to speaking German.  - Amazon customer

Would recommend

I used this for 3 months at just about 90 mins a day and when I got to Germany it came in very useful with bus drivers and shop keepers who didn't speak English. I know if I'd had more time on it I could have learned the contents in much less than 3 months. I found the phonetic written interpretations of the content most useful.  - Amazon Customer

This is stress-free!

I bought this cd after a visit to Japan because I loved the country and wanted to visit again. I've played this cd in the car three times and already feel confident I could order at a bar or in a restaurant and get the train or a taxi back to my hotel. I can count, tell the time ( and could probably do directions if that didn't coincide with the bit of my journey when I really have to concentrate on my driving! ). I've just ordered the second cd in this series. This is stress-free and I find myself relaxed enough about it to babble to myself in Japanese (when no one is watching). This is a great way to get confidence speaking a language when you are just starting out. - Amazon review