Whichever format you buy, the course content is exactly same. 

MP3 download  - an immediate download direct to your PC/Laptop or Mac. The content thereafter can be manually transferred to any other music player & regardless of the operating system. So you can also transfer an MP3 download to an Apple and/or an Android device, now or in the future. Transferring content to devices is easy, if you know how.  If you are unfamiliar with the process it can be deemed tricky. If you have smart phone or tablet and want to learn from that device, purchase App format.

App an immediate download direct to your mobile or tablet, it's quick & easy. Your purchase can be downloaded to all devices with the same Apple or Google Play user ID. What you can't do, is download an iOS App to an Android device & vice versa.  If you have both operating systems (O/S) or you plan to change O/S in the future, purchase MP3 download format.

 AppMP3 Download
Download DIRECT to mobiles/tabletsx
See target language as it's spokenx
MUST Download first to a PC/Laptop/Macx
Listen from a PC/Laptop/Macx
Transferable to mobiles/tabletsx
Transferable to any O/Sx
Includes phrase booklet

Still struggling to decide? Contact us for further guidance.

Mobiles & tablets cannot open ‘Zip’ files. The downloaded file is zipped i.e. compressed for a faster download speed. 

While it's possible to download these files directly to some iDevices, you will face problems opening the archive file & transferring to your Music Library without a third party App.

Unless you're quite technical, we recommend you first download your files to your MAC or desktop/laptop PC and use iTunes, WinAmp for Android or other software to add them to your Music Library.

Thereafter sync your device in the normal way.

Almost all MACs & most PCs/laptops have ‘unzip’ software already installed & auto open when clicked.

If you're having problems with your Windows PC/laptop, right hand click, select 'Extract' or 'Extract all' or 'Open with' & choose Windows Explorer. These actions create a new regular folder, usually in the same location.

With MACs, right hand click, select Archive Utility to open. Beware, occasionally the new folder will hide underneath the zipped one. If you can't locate your new folder try dragging & dropping the zipped one to reveal it.

The tracks within the new regular folder can then be added to your Music Library.

With so many MP3 players & devices available, it’s impossible for us to provide assistance on all makes & models. Most devices have online support pages so we recommend you search:  'how to transfer music tracks + make and model of your device'

Apple iDevices: 

First ‘add’ your files to your iTunes library:
- Open iTunes on your Mac/PC/Laptop
- Windows users: File > Add files > Browse > Add your earworms tracks
- Mac users: File > Browse > Add your earworms tracks

Then ‘sync’ your library to your device:
- Connect your device to your computerising the USB cable
- Select your device in the left hand column
- Select the ‘Music’ tab from your device’s menu & check the earworms tracks to sync
- Click Sync to transfer the tracks you selected to your device

TIP: Make a new playlist of your earworms content, it’s easier to find & check to Sync & easier to search for tracks once on your device


Android Devices: 

Windows Users: You don’t need to install the Android File Transfer application to connect to a Windows computer. Simply connect your Android device to a computer with a USB cable to transfer music files. 

Mac Users: You can connect your Android device to a computer running Mac OS X with a USB cable, to transfer music files between your device and the computer. 

This connection uses the MTP protocol, which is not supported by Mac OS X natively, so you first need to install the free Android File Transfer application on your Macintosh. 

For more information about connecting to a Macintosh computer via USB, Please visit the Google Mobile Help Center for additional instructions.

Windows Phone:
Your device’s storage card is treated just like a usb drive. So when you connect your device to your computer you can synchronise directories or drag and drop files back and forth.

Using the preloaded music and video player you can catalog your earworms audio files with Windows Media Players' library function; it will search your device for the right files and put them into order using the meta-data. 

Your Mac/PC/Laptop usually downloads to a folder called ‘Downloads’ or ‘My Downloads’, check here first.

You may have changed the default folder to download to, so also try 'Documents' or ‘My Documents’ folder.

If above fails, try a system search for the term ‘earworms’.

If you still can’t find the file, download again by either clicking the link in your order confirmation or by logging in to your account and navigating to 'downloads'. 

Tip: If you’re using Windows, choose the SAVE option.

    Earworms MP3 audio-book downloads are compatible with the following devices:

    All MP3 players including:

    • Apple & Android Smart Phones and tablets
    • BlackBerry
    • Windows Mobile Devices
    • Zune
    • iPod Classic, iPod Nano

    If you're unsure whether your device is covered, contact us.

    Spanish Vol.1,2 & 3 MP3 Download Trio - European Edition

    All 3 volumes best value bundle. 30 tracks in total. Over 3 and a half hours of audio. Ideal for quickly reaching an intermediate language level. Immediately useful words and phrases. 

    • Effortless, enjoyable, fast and effective language learning through music
    • The term earworms or catchy tunes refers to those songs which you hear a few times and then just can t get out of your head. Earworms mbt® Rapid Languages puts the words and phrases you need not just on the tip of your tongue, it transports them deeply into your long-term memory, ready for instant recall.
    • Simply listen to the music filled with rhythmic repetitions a few times and listeners will subconsciously acquire a collection of verbs, nouns and connecting words, all the while picking up the correct accent. This is your survival kit of immediately useful words and phrases for your visit abroad. Listen a few times to be able to ask for a table in a restaurant, order food and drink, take a taxi, rent a car, buy tickets, deal with money, numbers, times and days, ask for directions, deal with typical problems, hold a simple conversation and more.
    • Volume 1 deals with the essentials for your visit abroad. It looks at typical situations: taking a taxi, at the hotel, at the restaurant, making requests, polite phrases, finding your way, numbers, dealing with problems and so on.
    • Volume 2 will have you talking about yourself and others, past, present and future, likes and dislikes and general conversational items. The themes follow closely the Common European Framework for language learning a recognised benchmark of language proficiency and the emphasis is constantly on usefulness to the learner.
    • Volume 3 as well as another lexically rich, immediately useful set of words and phrases, this volume will give you an insight into many of the core structures of the language, allowing you more scope to mix and match the vocabulary you already know.
    • Over 200 Minutes of continous Audio, gaps in time for you to repeat are not necessary
    • Effortless, enjoyable and effective
    • Essential phrases for your trip abroad
    • Words anchored deeply into your memory by gentle repetition to music
    • Stimulating and self-motivation through real rapid progress
    • Developed by language teaching experts
    • Target language spoken by native speakers
    • Pronunciation acquired automatically
    • Listen and learn, anytime anywhere
    • Phrase books included
    • First download to Desktop/PC/Laptop/Mac thereafter content can be transferred to hand held devices eg. iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles & tablets, Smartphones
    Mac, the knife 30/04/2021

    The most effective method I've tried. Thumbs up from me

    Margaret from Ascot, UK 01/01/2021

    I don't truely understand how it works, it just does! This is the best language system I've come across and I've been trying for years!
    If you don't like music, you won't like it. If you like music, you'll love, love , love it! I am totally addicted to earworms, I can't rate it highly enough.
    Thank you earworms .... please produce level 4.

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    Spanish Vol.1,2 & 3 MP3 Download Trio - European Edition

    • £24.96

    • Ex Tax:£24.96

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