Which format is right for me?

Well, this rather depends on how you want to listen, the operating system/device(s) you have & your IT skills level.

App - an immediate download direct to your mobile or tablet, it's quick & easy. Your purchase can be downloaded to all devices with the same Apple or Google play user ID. What you can't do, is download an iOS app to an Android device & vice versa, say if you have both operating systems or you change in the future.

MP3 download  - an immediate download direct to your PC/Laptop/MAC, it's quick & easy. The content can thereafter be transferred to any other music player & regardless of the operating system. So you can transfer an MP3 download to an Apple device & an Android device, now or in the future. Transferring content to devices is easy, if you know how.  If you are unfamiliar with the process it can be deemed tricky, first read our MP3 guide

CD - If you prefer a physical product & have a CD player/drive, choose CD format. CDs can be imported to your PC/Laptop/Mac if it has an internal or external CD drive CD burning software.

  App MP3 Download CD
Download DIRECT to mobiles/tablets x x
See target language as it's spoken x x
MUST Download first to a PC/Laptop/MAC x x
Listen from a PC/Laptop/MAC x
Transferable to mobiles/tablets x
Transferable to any O/S x
Includes phrase booklet


Still struggling to decide? Feel free to 'contact us' for further advice, we're here & happy to help you.


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