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Learn Spanish

Latin American Edition

Bored by conventional teaching?

Learn Spanish with Earworms MBT, an innovative method designed to get you speaking and thinking in Spanish from the outset!

You know the 'earworm effect'? Catchy music and lyrics that you just can't get out of your head? Well, by utilising the power of music, the Earworms Musical Brain Trainer puts useful Spanish words and phrases into your head. It really works!

Within a few hours of listening to Volume 1 you'll be able to deal with situations like; taking a taxi, at the hotel, at the restaurant, requesting, polite phrases, finding your way, numbers, dealing with problems and so on. Volume 2 will have you talking about yourself (past, present, and future), chatting, and even flirting!

Volume 3 continues with more useful everyday situations while going more into the structure, the grammatical rules of the language.

Due to popular demand we have created
Mainland Spanish and Latin American versions.

Discover more about the Earworms method here.

Sample Track 7:  Directions


This is what people are saying about the method:

“I love (trying) to learn languages and this seems to be the best way for me. I am somehow able to memorise most lyrics from a song after only hearing it once so the fact it is put into a melody/rhythm format makes it ideal. Thanks you!!”

iTunes customer

“I have recently bought earworms Spanish Vols 1 and 2 and am extremely impressed with the results. I was never very good at languages at school so that has always put me off but I have found these to be a very easy way of learning. I commute for 2 hours a day and after just one week could recite whole sentences. My husband tested me on a weekly basis and after four weeks I was 80% accurate with the translations on the CD. I also had reason to contact earworms and their customer services is amazing.

I am very impressed & give earworms 10 out of 10”

Audible customer

“I’ve been listening to this download here and there for a few days and have already picked up many words and phrases. By recognizing patterns, I'm beginning to understand verb conjugation and sentence structure. Yes, I am still in the hatchling stage, but feel I am progressing greatly for so little investment in time and money.

Combining pleasant voices and music, the conversations are travel-related but still useful overall. The style is kind of playful with a teensy bit of banter.

If you go to the Earworms website and sign up for the newsletter you can download the accompanying pdf phrase book. I'm also supplementing with game apps on my iPhone (Mindsnacks and Duolingo).

Here's hoping Earworms produces further volumes in Latin American Spanish!”

Amazon customer

“I bought the first one via an offer and was very impressed by the way it immediately got me speaking Spanish. The second one follows on really well from the first and I really have the enthusiasm to carry on. I hope they're planning to make a third CD because I will definitely buy it.”

Amazon customer

“I’ve spent a LOT of money on "Learn as you go" products. None - absolutely none - measure up to these products. After the first time through Volume 1, I found myself seeking out Spanish speakers, so I could test out my new skills. I even listen to these while working out. A definite must for those who need to travel abroad for brief stints. And a great beginning and refresher for those wanting to become skilled in a foreign language.”

iTunes customer

“This is a playful back and forth dialogue with repetitive phrases so you don't forget. But it is also very entertaining. I have never heard this type of learning style and it is absolutely working for me. The guy must be British and the lady is Spanish and it just works. I now have this playing while resting and going to sleep and it plays in a loop....and yes, I am getting to know the phrases and pronunciations very well.”

Audible customer



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