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The Science

How we learn

A large part of learning in general and language learning in particular is to do with the memorisation of words, facts and other significant information. It's a well known fact that we use only a fraction of our brain power and traditional book learning is now recognised as not suiting every learner.

earworms MBT® uses simple techniques which open up and exploit more of the brain's native power, and come under the heading of ‘accelerated learning'.

In the 1970s, extensive research was carried out into the powers of music in the learning process, by the Bulgarian physician Georgi Lozanov. He revealed that music puts listeners into a state of relaxed alertness, the “alpha state”, the ideal state of consciousness for learning, and his tests were conclusive.

Since then, much research has been carried out about the effect of music on the brain, particularly the connection between music and memory. This is probably due to the proximity of the auditory cortex, which is responsible for processing sound, to some of the memory centres of the brain.
Scientists have found that sounds and words that have actually been heard can be readily recalled from the auditory cortex where the brain can listen to them “virtually” again and again. Music it seems is the ideal catalyst to the memorisation of words.

What we learn

earworms MBT® adopts the so-called lexical approach to language, as opposed to first concentrating on grammar. In essence, this means we look at language in terms of whole meaningful chunks, then break these down into their component bite-sized, easily digestible, easily absorbable parts and reconstruct them.

You not only learn complete, immediately useful phrases, you also intuitively pick up the structure (the grammar) of the language. These ‘chunks' which the learner can ‘mix and match', gradually build up to cover whole areas of the language.



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